Anyone can learn to heal. You have to believe in you can and learn to connect to the Source.You are like the 'middle person' who brings the healing from the Source to the person.

Everyone has the ability to tap into ' the source' and bring in energies of higher vibration that heal and balance out the person's Wairua - life-force energies. If the person you are with has over-come the emotional problems linked to the ailment - you will be successful. This includes self-healing. Ailments originate from many levels of our bodies - as we have seven sheath bodies. The physical level is where we experience the final manifestation of the ailment because we live in third dimension.

For example - the person has problems with a hand - they most likely do not want to do something related to the use of that hand - usually the hand they write with. If you prefer to say a karakia or use 'white light' protection while you work - please do so. Some people ask their Source in the healing to be sure that the imbalanced energies of the person do not come into your energy fields. You are there to balance the person. Wash your hands before and after the healing. Find a place that is quiet to do your healing. You can recite a karakia, waiata or use soft music or no music. The person you are working with should be at peace and feel comfortable that you will do no harm to them - and WILL heal - or alleviate the problems.

Wairua Hononga

Let's first determine which hand works best for you. Hold both hands out in front of you - palms up. Focus your attention on your left hand and experience the flow of energy coming from your hand. Next mentally focus on your right hand and see how strong the energy from that hand feels. One palm should feel stronger energy flow - hotter - more tingles - whatever your body relates to! Now place your hands - palms facing each other - just in front of you. Keep them about 3 inches - 7.6 cm - apart. Move your hands slowly - back and forth. Feel the lines of energy between your palms. Now slowly move your palms further away from each other.

See how far out you can go before you no longer feel the 'pull' of the energies. When the energies stop - move your palms back and forth slightly in opposite directions and you should continue to feel the energies. If you had an aura camera it would record the lines of energy in photos.

Now let's tap in to ' the Wairua [source]'.

Your mental frame of reference for the Wairua could be - a white Light - a spirit guide - a religious figure - healing master - your higher self - yourself as a healer in another realm - the computer in the pyramid - a sea of consciousness connecting all things - the grids - something external from our reality - whatever. Now connect with that Wairua source (Plug in). Allow that energy to come through you. You may feel - hot - dizzy - exhilarated - other - depends on how out of balance you are and how your physical vehicle (body) reacts to the energies!!

Get used to that energy and balance your body's flow of energy today.

Working with Plants. Find a small plant - preferable one that has problems.Place it on a table in front of you. Place your hands in front of you, palms up.

Tap in to Wairua [Source].

Feel the energies start to move through your body . . .Feel the vibrations in the palms of your hands . . .Place your hands on either side of the plant (about 3 inches away from the plant).

Send energy back and forth between your palms.

Imagine the flow-lines of positive energy between your hands. Allow your mind to become one with the plant - connect energetically. If you are telekinetic - the plant - or its leaves - may move slightly! You may receive mental images from the plant.'See' the plant healthy.

You may have to repeat this daily for several days.

Whakaora Tahau

Sit down or lie down in a peaceful place . . . Extend you palms upward . . . Feel your connection to Source . . . Feel the energies moving through the palms of your hands. . . Relax . . . Breath deeply . . . Close your eyes . . . Mentally connect with your physical body to see where there is pain . . . Now place your hands on that area and send the healing energies. If the pain is in your back, You can send healing through the front of your body and it will reach your back . . . If you do not have pain . . .Just place your hands on your heart wairua and send energy of light and love. It will make you glow when you meet others today!! Pay attention to their reactions to you. If your pain is emotional . . . placing your hand on your heart wairua it will work in the same way to help alleviate the pain. Of course you can not erase emotional pain using your hands - but it can raise your frequency and lift some of the depression. It can bring you some balance.

Ringa Whakaora

There is a Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living organisms. This Energy links us all together and unites us into a Oneness. In the human body, this Life Energy flows freely into, through and out of the body, when it is in a state of health and wholeness.

It is this flow of Energy that nourishes all the organs and systems in the body. This flow of Energy creates an energy field around the body that can be objectively perceived and measured and even photographed (Kirlian photography.)

When there is illness, pain, injury, disease, etc., this Life Force Energy becomes interrupted, obstructed, or even depleted in one or more areas of the body. This change in energy and flow can be easily felt by the healer.

The technique involves "scanning" the body by placing both hands together, side-by-side, palms down, facing the body.

Start at the top of the head, 3-5 inches above the body (in the energy field) and proceed to feel the energy from head to toe, both on the front as well as backside of the body.

You will actually "feel" various energy sensations like: tingling, heat, cold, heaviness, and a drawing feeling, to name a few. Depending on what you feel, that will give you the information on what type of imbalance is present, loose congestion, tight congestion, localized imbalance, or an energy deficit / void. This then gives you the data needed to proceed knowledgeably.

Ringa Whakaora [therapeutic touch] works with the interaction between the energy fields (auras) of healer and patient. Physical contact is not necessary because at the level of physical proximity and focused intent used, the energy fields of healer and patient are continuous. This is an active healing process; the healer must have an active intent for healing to occur, and the patient must desire (even unconsciously) a return to health.

Ringa Whakaora can be practiced on babies, pets and plants as well as adults. Research indicates that it does produce statistically significant levels of effective healing. Patients generally report an increased sense of well-being and respite from pain after Ringa Whakaora sessions.

The key to practicing Ringa Whakaora is balancing the patient's energy. Pain or injury within the body or mind is reflected by changes in the energy field that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. With the healer's own energy field properly shielded and stabilized through meditation and centering, the patient's energy field can be re-balanced, which will in turn allow the patient's own energy to effect the necessary healing.

After the available energy is redistributed, the healer will often channel universal background energy into the patient's aura as an extra reserve for the patient to use at will. This safe, noninvasive practice satisfies most ethical concerns about free will and doing no harm.

Each healer and each patient will interact differently; a healer must rely on his or her own intuition to decide how best to respond to whatever form a patient's energy takes. Imagery directs the healing; untangling knots of energy, warming cool areas, smoothing throbbing or rough spots or allowing a stream of energizing color to flow through a patient's aura.

Some healers will talk during the session, explaining continuously what they are doing or feeling. Some recite karakia, waiata or play soft music. Many combine Ringa Whakaora with similar therapies such as massage or acupressure. I have found that it works very well in a peaceful setting, where all participating people direct energy to the patient after the primary healer has unruffled the patient's energy field. The only caveat is to be gentle; too much energy can make the patient jittery or cause headache.

The main functions of Ringa Whakaora are relaxation and pain reduction, which allow the patient to take a more active part in their own healing.

The auric manipulation and healing techniques that gave rise to Ringa Whakaora were derived from teachings of the Tohunga. Ringa Whakaora operates out of the experience that, ultimately all things in the Universe are connected. All exist as part of the Universal energy, which is why healers and patients alike can draw upon that Universal energy to supplement their own energy fields for healing.

A healer does not need to believe in this philosophy to be able to heal using Ringa Whakaora ; He / she needs only the desire to help the patient. Nor does the patient need to believe; only to be willing to accept help. Ringa Whakaora was the first alternative healing technique I learned in 1975. The patient stands in front of me. He / she is fully clothed. Next I scan the person's body starting from the top and slowly by moving my hands slowly down along the front--then the sides of the his / her body. I do not touch the person. Wherever I feel a change in temperature--a blockage-- I transfer healing energy into the person to clear congestion, loosen obstructions, and fill depleted areas.


Basic Healing Skill 2


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